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Provia offers five different lines of storm doors. View the complete catalog to see all hardware options and accessories.

A: Durable, oven-baked polyester finishes are backed by a Lifetime Warranty for lasting beauty and low maintenance.

B: Extruded aluminum frame adds beauty to your door by virtue of the rounded cove molding along the glass edge of the extrusion.

C: All our storm doors are constructed with tempered safety glass.

D: You’ll appreciate the finished look of our color matched aluminum installation screw covers.

E: Each door features quality hardware that adds beauty and functionality to your new storm door. Varies by model.

F: Sashes are secured by our color matched polycarbonate clips or an internal sash lock system. Varies by model.

H: Our bottom expander with sweep allows for a beautiful custom-fit to any entry. Varies by model.

I: Smooth function is essential. That’s why we include a quality door closer in every storm door package. Varies by model.

New improved operation. Our new air release system now features a continuous closing action without delayed rebound action of previous generation closers.

Storm Door Comparison

Storm Door Comparison



Spectrum Series brings you smooth functionality, beauty and durability. The exclusive top and bottom InVent™ retractable screen system allows you more venting options than ever. Learn about the construction of Spectrum doors.

Spectrum Storm Doors Include:

  • Two InVent™ retractable screens

  • Triple seal bottom sweep

  • 1 1/4" x 4 316" wide sculptured frame



Decorator Series provides a stylish, fresh look to accent your entry. Learn about the construction of Decorator Storm Doors

Decorator Storm Doors Include:

  • Triple seal bottom sweep
  • 11/4" x 4" wide sculptured frame


The Deluxe Series is the answer whether you’re looking for additional light, ventilation or protection from the elements. Learn about the construction of Deluxe Storm Doors

Deluxe Storm Doors Include:

  • Double seal bottom sweep

  • 11/4" x 358" wide sculptured frame

  • BetterVue™ Fiberglass Screen


DuraGuard is exactly what you need if you’re concerned about keeping your small children and pets safely inside. Select one of these doors with heavy-duty, non-removable stainless steel screening. Learn about the construction of Duraguard storm doors

DuraGuard Series Storm Doors Include:

  • Double seal bottom sweep

  • Non-removable .023 stainless steel screen (only available on DuraGuard storm doors)

  • 11/4" x 3 58" wide sculptured frame


Superview offers a selection of storm doors constructed for style and value in one complete package. Learn about the construction of Superview Storm Doors

Superview Storm Doors Include:

  • Single seal bottom sweep

  • 11/4" x 258" sculptured frame

  • BetterVue™ Fiberglass Screen